Kootenay Lake Water Levels

Queen’s Bay: 1741.31 feet (530.75 meters) as of Apr 29 2018 19:02:12
Nelson: 1740.30 feet (530.44 meters) as of Apr 29 2018 19:02:12

Lake level forecast – Apr 26, 2018:
Kootenay Lake is forecast to increase to 1744.90 by May 5, 2018. Average Daily Kootenay River Discharge at Brilliant for Apr 28 2018:  30200 cfs (cubic feet per second)

News – Apr 26, 2018:
FortisBC is advising customers that the Kootenay Lake Board of Control has declared that the spring rise has begun as of April 25, 2018. Please be advised that during this time, Kootenay Lake levels are predominately driven by natural inflows as a result of melting snow pack and precipitation, and are subject to sudden, large increases. In order to help mitigate peak lake levels, FortisBC has been operating the Kootenay River system at the maximum discharge since early March and will continue to do so until after the lake peaks. Due to the current snow pack conditions there is an elevated risk of the lake peaking above 1752 feet at Queens Bay. For information on emergency flood preparedness, contact your local authorities or visit the Emergency Management BC website at pep.bc.ca.

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