About Us

About Us

The Kootenay Lake Sustainable Boating (KLSB) society has been created to ensure that the sustainability of the lake is achieved through good management practices, facilitation between interested groups and education for all involved on, in and around the waters of Kootenay Lake.

We want to promote better usage of the lake, including looking into greener methods for sewage disposal, fuel usage, and non-motorized and motorized zones, through education and conversation with everyone who lives by, works on, plays in and enjoys the lake. Achieving green standards by implementing etiquette and guidelines is a focus of this society. We are committed to protecting the lake for current and future users by establishing environmentally friendly recreational and commercial water practices for all.

“The enjoyment of the richness of the area, whether it is the history or the natural bounty of the fisheries is a privilege bestowed by nature and that needs to be protected and retained.  Establishing connections with other groups and government ministries is vital. Allowing the locals to have a say in what happens in and around the lake will create a network of vested interest, to which the greater good of protecting the area is served.”

Our policies include:

  1. The use of education, advocacy, and hands-on advocacy to address issues impacting Kootenay Lake’s marine environment and water related economy.   Examples of those issues include:   recreational and commercial boating access,  maintenance of Kootenay Lake healthy water quality, awareness of Kootenay Lake environmental health to the area’s economy and social issues,  lake level impact on the environment and economy, recreational beach access.
  2. Interfacing with existing Federal, Provincial, and other green boating organizations
  3. Promotion of reasonable sustainable interaction between boaters and non-boaters.

Our goals include:

  1. Increase the public knowledge and awareness of impacts of boat discharge, marina and trades environmental impact, promotion of desirable recreational experiences that are safe and sustainable,
  2. Market the Kootenay Lake as a “best practices” use area.
  3. Increase the locations of “no discharge” designated zones.
  4. Promote recreation experiences that are safe and sustainable,
  5. Work towards becoming a recognized representative of the boating community.

Our Mission

To protect the lake environment and promote sustainability of Kootenay Lake, its adjoining waters and communities through education and advocacy of green and sustainable recreational and commercial uses of the lake. This society will embrace all persons, interest and industry using the lake.