Please find some useful links below for resource information:

  • Friends of Kootenay Lake   Formed in 2012, Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society (FOKLSS) is an inclusive, stewardship organization dedicated to sustaining a healthy Kootenay Lake for future generations.
  • Kootenay Lake Access Map   The Lake Access Project is a committee of the Trails for Creston Valley Society. Combining data from the RDCK and volunteer surveys we have put together this map to promote lake access and to help identify sites for upgrades.
  • Kushanook Harbour Weather & Webcam
  • Marina Information   A directory and information about all the marinas on Kootenay Lake
  • Marina Map  An interactive map of Marinas on Kootenay Lake
  • Grey Water  Guidelines for boaters in dealing with boat grey water
  • Kootenay Lake Partnership       The Kootenay Lake Partnership was formed in 2010 as a multi-agency initiative to support management approaches for a productive and healthy Kootenay Lake ecosystem.
  • Lake Windermere Amabassadors    The Lake Windermere Ambassadors were formed by a group of citizens interested in directing water quality monitoring and stewardship of Lake Windermere.
  • History and Geology of Kootenay Lake
  • Sternwheelers of Kootenay Lake  A virtual museum of history and stories of all the ferry boats of Kootenay Lakes time
  • Invasive Species:  I Clean, Drain and Dry My Boat guidelines

Learn about Kootenay Lake’s nutrient restoration program:
GDS11-132 FWCP Brochure-NRP Fact Sheet lo June 22 2011