New daily quota for Rainbow & Bull Trout fishing increases on Kootenay Lake


Effective Feb. 1, 2018, daily quotas for rainbow and bull trout harvest on the main body of Kootenay Lake will be increased to support long-term kokanee conservation efforts and recovery of the Kootenay Lake fishery.

The daily quota for bull trout will increase from one to two (only one over 50 centimetres), and the quota for trout/char will be raised from four to five, to be consistent with the rest of the water bodies in the region.

Increasing rainbow and bull-trout harvest is consistent with recommendations in the Kootenay Lake Action Plan to recover Kootenay Lake kokanee stocks. Kokanee are considered “inland salmon”. Gerrard rainbow trout and bull trout rely on kokanee as a food source. Population and diet trends indicate rainbow and bull trout populations are contributing to kokanee mortality rates that are much higher than normal.

Kokanee represent a fishery resource and are an important part of the natural ecosystem. The ministry and its partners will continue efforts to ensure the long-term health of kokanee populations.

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Get Ready for the Upcoming Kootenay Lake Easter Fishing Derby….


Location: Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, Canada
When: March 30 to Apr 1, 2018
Stay Tuned for Details
Woodbury Resort is the host of the two most popular yearly fishing derby’s on the lake, the “Dolly Derby” held during Easter weekend and the “Rainbow Derby” held during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Fishermen from many provinces and states arrive to compete for money, prizes, and bragging rights. Many come back year after year for the friendly competition, good times, and of course the wind up party.
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Call for Activity Leaders & Participants for 2018 Youth Water Festival, Nelson B.C.


The Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society in partnership with the City of Nelson is hosting the first annual Youth Water Festival on May 23, 2018.

This festival is aimed at educating and inspiring local youth on the importance, function, history, and stewardship of freshwater in the Kootenays, specifically Kootenay Lake.

Various activity booths will be set up at Lakeside Park in Nelson, BC for children and youth to rotate through. Each booth will focus on different aspects of water importance and health. We will host various school groups ranging from grade school to high school.The morning will be focused on education, engagement, and fun activities for younger groups while the afternoon will be focused on discussion around careers and volunteering for older groups.

Currently, we are doing a call for activity leaders to host booths as well as school groups that would like to attend.

Participation in this event is free but sign up is mandatory.
Sign up today as spots are limited!

Please contact us to sign up either as an activity leader or school group to attend:

Call for Activity Leaders & Participants for 2018 Youth Water Festival, Nelson B.C.

For the love of the lake!